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Wherever people needed a girl with love in her heart and healing in her hands, that was where Cherry belonged. She wanted to serve, she had trained to serve. Sympathy or vague good intentions -- these were not enough. Only a nurse, Cherry knew, could bring so much help and comfort and hope to others, who sorely needed her. Only a nurse could experience such broad human adventure, such profound inner reward.
pgs. 5-6, Cherry Ames: Flight Nurse by Helen Wells
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i hate all your layout options. this is one of the reasons i didn't stick with you. can't you take the one i'm using on livejournal and move it over here?
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no really. this is a sockpuppet. my life is too boring to write about.
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thank you for understanding.
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I want you to post anything you want.
A story, a secret, a confession, a fear, a love, anything.
Make sure you post anonymously.
IP logging is and will continue to remain off.

I want tons of comments. TONS. Post as many comments as you want, and feel free to link other people to this entry.

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